Jumat, 16 September 2011

Mesothelioma-Dare to Forgive Others

Authors: Andrie Wongso
Beginning in August 2011 there is interesting news from Iran. A beautiful woman who poured the acid damage to her face and her eyes blind to forgive the offender.The woman is Ameneh Bahrami, Iranian-born in 1978, which doused Majid Movahedi in 2004 because of rejected courtship. Movahedi was arrested while waiting for qisas punishment, ie punishment principled retaliation in kind, a kind of punishment "lives life to pay". In the case Bahrami, he may ask the court to blind the eyes of actors as they experienced.

The court ruled the law qisas conducted on July 31, 2011 and broadcast live by television. A few seconds before the acid is splashed in the eye Movahedi, a doctor who would pour liquid Bahrami was asked, "What would you do now?"Movahedi was crying uncontrollably as she knelt. Fear of blindness and eye shadow incomparable pain that made her beg for forgiveness. Everyone was tense watch. A signal from the process Bahrami qisas punishment would be carried out. However, Bahrami was saying the words beyond expectations. "I forgive him, I forgive him," said Bahrami. Then the eyes of the perpetrator had survived.What a noble attitude Bahrami, he courageously forgiving those who have blinded him throughout his life.

"The best thing is to forgive when we are in a position of power," Bahrami said explaining his decision. But there Bahrami mother saying that we ought to refer to. He said, "Forgiveness is going to calm Bahrami and our family."Friends of the Extraordinary,As I discussed in a live talk show on network Radio Sonora on Monday morning, to review the story "Do not Save the Potato Rot ', forgiveness is not easy. But forgiveness can calm us. Conversely, revenge is not necessarily eliminate hatred. Maybe it will grow a sense of guilt within us because of revenge after that we feel as bad as those who have made us suffer.Scientifically any excuse or forgive the other person has a positive value. The results showed that those who harbored grudges and nurture hatred, his life was not calm. Medically they have a high pulse (unhealthy), high blood pressure, and muscles tighten. If allowed to continue they could be having a heart attack. Instead, they are willing to forgive others, normal blood pressure, normal cardiac work, and his muscles relaxed.

In short, a forgiving have better health records.The study showed that "forgive others" not only good for mental health, but also good for our physical health. Therefore, before Idul Fitri, which will fall a few days away, let's open the door of forgiveness.
by jokomotivasi

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